Claudia Süpner - Hebamme aus Rostock

Hello, my name is Claudia Süpner

Since 2004 I have been working as a self employed midwife. I was born 1971 and I am having 4 kids.

Since about a few years I take care of pregnant ladies, labour outside a hospital and doing after birth care visits. In my opinion it is pretty important that a chemistry exists between you an the midwife who takes care of you in that special situation.

For me, my profession is a passion and I am excited with all the couples who make the decicion to give birth at home with me.

I am an easy going person that's what most of the people like about me.

My practise rooms are in Stoorketant Hebammenpraxis 👈
Stephanstraße 2 18055 Rostock

My services are:

  • Check ups during pregnancy
  • taking care of giving birth at home or in the birthcenter - Note: home births will only be cared until August 2021
  • after birth care visits at home